About Me

My philosophy is to dance
with the camera and produce a reminder for soul and mind. Me and my partners invite you to have a look on our works.


The aim of such a short video is to give an insight on your products, philosophy or introduce a new development of your company to potential or existing customers and to win authority. While producing an image video we concentrate on the aims of our regisseur: YOU! Together we will find the best technical ways to present your goals!


Nothing is more important as being „up to date“! This kind of productions mean a lot of responsibility, workload and speed. Our co-authors are teached and full of energy to make the result interesting and informative. You will be surprised to work with someone who loves to handle stressfull situations while achieving good results in gathering news.


You are planing an event? Me and my partners will give you and your guests a long-term reminder of this happening. Every video platform is waiting for you to entertain the world. Search, watch, feel the nostalgy...


Special offer for students! Many companies require an application Video nowadays. Let us break the ice and surprise your future bosses you would like to present yourself to. The results of our works already helped students to find a nice job.